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Financial planning that puts you first: Halifax-based Worthy Financial offers hope for Canadians seeking guidance on how to find their financial footing post-pandemic

An unbiased, accessible approach that ditches upsells and sales targets; instead taking a human approach to personal finance that helps clients set goals and plan for the future.

Halifax, June 8, 2021 —- Timothy MacEachern has spent 10+ years of his career working in the financial services industry for both boutique credit unions and one of the big five Canadian banks.

“Through my experience working in more traditional financial services roles, I crossed paths with clients who most often came in looking for advice and a plan on how to make ends meet. I also had the opportunity to work on a team that reshaped how traditional institutions viewed their clients. Far too often, the industry experts only provide financial planning advice to those with enough money to deem them ‘worthy’. It’s often about upselling loans, investments, and add-ons rather than providing all clients equal access to support that can help to lead them on the right path to successful money management.” said Timothy MacEachern, Founder and Senior Advisor of Worthy Financial.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Timothy spoke with many clients that were just looking for a plan. Some were still making money while working from home, while others were laid-off, furloughed or forced to close their small businesses; struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet. One thing most of these clients had in common? They weren’t looking for ‘financial products’ like loans or investments – they just wanted support and advice on what to do next.

More than a year into the global pandemic, there’s hope that Canadians will soon be able to settle back into some semblance of a regular routine. That return to form worries many, though, as the population struggles to recover from the impact of stay-at-home orders and lockdowns. Just here in Nova Scotia alone, the economy – especially small businesses, entrepreneurs, restaurants and food service, artists/creators, and personal service providers – took a big hit. Before the re-opening plan was announced and recently launched this past week, some feared the worst for their futures, wondering if they’d have to leave their dream jobs behind in search of another way to make ends meet.

After reflecting on past and present clients’ needs – the idea for Worthy Financial came along. Banks and credit unions often only provide advice based on the products they offer – because, frankly – that’s how they make money to keep the doors open. Accurate financial planning is a process and is often not provided to the client unless they have a large sum of investments. When was the last time you had a complete picture of your financial future? The majority of Canadians do not have a financial plan. They are underserved by the financial services industry because they are not wealthy. This is why we started ‘Worthy’ – we believe everyone deserves equal access to wealth advice, not just the rich.  

About Worthy Financial

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Worthy Financial’s team is dedicated to providing unbiased financial coaching and planning for all Canadians, regardless of bank account balance, location or goals.   Online secure appointments are available to Canadians from coast-to-coast. By not offering investments, lending or bank accounts, Worthy can provide you with the advice you need to focus on your long-term goals and improve your financial well-being. For more information, visit worthyfinancial.ca.


For more information, interview requests, or general media inquiries, please contact Timothy MacEachern at 902-719-6574 or email timothy@worthyfinancial.ca.