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Worthy Financial is a full-service financial planning firm that delivers investment strategies as financial plans based on current income to help you secure your financial future. With the help of an expert, one can implement tailor-made strategies and comprehensive financial plans based on their current financial situation. With our comprehensive range of consultancy services, it will become easier to implement actionable plans to achieve definite fiscal goals. Let’s take a detailed look into the art of financial planning and how the assistance of a financial planner differs from that of a financial advisor.

Constructive Financial PlanningConstructive financial planning revolves broadly around five main factors:

1 - The financial analysis of your current financial status.
2 - Identifying personal goals.
3 - Preparing a financial planning checklist.
4 - Offering advice and guidance along the way.
5 - Devise contingency plans to secure financial future.

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The Productive Involvement Of A Worthy Financial PlannerIn Your Financial Life

Our expert advisors provide comprehensive financial advice and practical financial solutions to help you achieve your monetary goals. This is what you can expect from Worthy Financials financial planners.

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They Learn More About You (And Vice Versa):Learning Together

Our financial planners will want to know more about your life, to better understand your current financial situation and tailor a more personalized client experience. Are you single, married with kids, or divorced? Does your job mean that you and your partner have busy lives or have more free time? A financial planner will play a crucial role in securing your financial future, so do not hesitate to ask questions. You want the best advisory services so you have every right to be picky.

Online Financial Planners in Halifax - Goal Setting

They Help You Assess Your Financial Goals& Take Stock Of Financial Resources

Financial goals are specific targets you want to achieve with your current financial resources. A Worthy Financial Planning planner can help you set realistic financial goals based on your current and future financial resources. This greatly helps in providing clarity on just how much one needs to earn, save, and spend in order to attain those goals. Our financial planner can also help you recognize unidentified sources of income to help you build your financial status. With the help of a secondary source of income or shrewd investments you too can begin to achieve your most significant financial goals.

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Financial Goals Are Specific Targets

You want to achieve with your current financial resources. The following are some examples of financial goals:

1- Being debt-free
2- Setting up a small business
3- Accumulating funds to pay for child’s education
4- Buying a property
5- Achieving financial freedom
6- Saving for retirement

Online Financial Planner FAQS

Our proactive approach delivers exceptional service as well as comprehensive plans regarding financial strategies that are based on expert advice from innovative thinkers that understand the concepts of wealth management and financial management. We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking organization that provides financial advisory services that help build a sense of trust and connection while working towards meeting specific financial goals and/or business sales targets.

The goal of a financial advisor is to help you manage your money. Things like where to invest? What financial products to buy into? Are things a financial advisor would generally overlook. Whereas a financial planner is a more specialized financial advisor that can help you achieve more specific financial planning goals. They require a larger picture of your current financial standings and look into personal spending habits, average take home income, and accumulated savings before devising a plan of action. A financial planner will also incorporate investment products, mutual funds, and services for tax planning purposes to help you achieve a more lucrative long-term financial security plan.
Financial strategies or any range of financial services that you do not have complete knowledge of in terms of the perspective of ‘risk’ are essentially financial planning blind spots. With investment or financial advice from a qualified and experienced financial planner, the risks associated with different financial products can be better assessed.
With the help of a Worthy Financial trusted financial planner you too can achieve freedom from debt, afford to save for retirement, and be completely financially independent. If you have similar ambitions and goals you should definitely speak to a Halifax financial planner or advisor. Our financial planners can help you live on your own terms instead of living on your bank’s terms. Speak to one of our expert advisors today to learn more about how you can take control of your financial future!

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