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Retirement Planning - How Can We Help?

Retirement savings plans offer financial planning solutions to help contribute to your nest egg with careful planning so you can tap into your personal savings after your 65th birthday regardless of the market conditions. Our financial advisors deliver investment advice to help you meet financial goals at any stage of retirement planning.

Our Financial Advisory Services

Our advisors endorse a performance-oriented culture with an accessible environment that is inclusive and highly effective when it comes to meeting your strategic mindset - both from a financial and economic standpoint. Our transparent criteria support online secure appointments available across Canada.

By offering a broad range of financial planning and advisory services you can make the most of investments, lending, or bank accounts, with the unbiased advice you deserve to achieve long-term financial plans or secure a retirement income.

Financial Coaching - Worthy Financial Halifax NS

Financial Coaching(One-on-One)

Our personal development financial coaching will help you reach your future goals. We meet you where you are at, helping you with goal setting, budgeting, and establishing a working cash flow. Simply speak to one of our experts regarding your short and long-term financial goals, and we will work together in order to achieve them.

Retirement Planning(Pre-Retirement)

Our financial planner will work to develop a financial plan for your retirement. Our pre-retirement package will give you the ability to retire with confidence and comfort. You will know when to withdraw from your RRSPs and TFSAs, how to maximize your CPP and OAS, and how best to enjoy and invest your hard-earned retirement income.

Financial Planning - Worthy Financial

Financial Planning(Fee-Only)

Fee-only financial plans are unbiased plans without the hidden commission or referral fees. Worthy Financial does not offer financial products. Our time, advice, knowledge, and guidance is the product that we sell. Together we develop complete wealth management services to help you achieve clarity about your financial future.

What Makes us Different From Other Financial Advisors?

Financial Coaching - Worthy Financial Halifax NS

Unbiased Advice

Our only interest is providing you with the best financial advice possible - not selling you financial products. The advice we provide is not influenced by sales targets, product offerings, or a large corporation's financial goals.

Tailored Financial Planning

Tailored Planning

Everyone has unique goals, and priorities and that is why our plans are tailored to you. If you are looking to improve your financial well-being or want a review of your current plan, we are here to help.

Secure Online Meetings

Secure Online Meetings

We can meet you securely online, so you can get quality advice regardless of your location and at your own convenience. Don't hesitate, book your free 15 minute consultation today with our Financial Expert!

Halifax Financial Advisor FAQS

Our proactive approach delivers exceptional service as well as comprehensive plans regarding financial strategies that are based on expert advice from innovative thinkers that understand the concepts of wealth management and financial management. We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking organization that provides financial advisory services that help build a sense of trust and connection while working towards meeting specific financial goals and/or business sales targets.

The integral role of a senior financial advisor is to evaluate your financial records and deliver technical assistance and expert advice on the type of investments, saving, or debt-reduction strategies one should avail to achieve successful wealth management.
Our team of professionals can help you achieve a competitive compensation package, eliminate debt and better prepare for retirement. Financial markets and market trends are not always going to be positive. Risks have to be mitigated and our dynamic organization can play an impactful role to help you achieve faster advancement towards personal development. So, Yes! It is definitely worth hiring a financial advisor.
A financial planner takes a more holistic approach to individual and business finances as compared to a financial advisor. Financial planners can help you achieve long-term financial goals by forging strong, long-standing relationships with their clients. If you're looking to see more information on this topic, check out our blog that compares the two.
Are you looking for an independent financial advisor near you in Halifax? Our online assessment company can help you make use of long-term investments and investment banking solutions to secure additional cash compensation that can help achieve a measurable difference in your overall wealth management status.

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